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Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Whittle Your Middle~

Welcome to the 30 Day ~Whittle Your Middle~ Challenge!

wanna follow my training
or see my results???

There are so many benefits to strengthening your Core and I feel that this area will help me fulfill my complete body fitness goal since having two babies in two years! I have some time before my official training schedule begins for my half marathon...although the original one I planned in June conflicts with my high school reunion...I still plan to find one that I can race in before the Triathlons in the fall. I hope that you will follow along in my journey and accept this challenge with me!

~Whittle Your Middle~

~Who: Any and Everybody I hope...but me for sure!
~What: Commit to doing 6-10 minutes of ab work 5 days a week.
~When: February 18-March 20
~Where: Anywhere and Everywhere
~How: Investigate and incorporate the foods that claim to whittle your middle.
I will take before & after measurement of my waist along with photos.
Document my achievements and nutrition research.
Follow the routine listed below:

1. Straight Arm Plank...hold for 60-90 seconds

2. Side Plank...30-60 seconds each side

3. Superman/Banana from P90x...thanks Lisa

4. Prone Plank

5. Prone Plank Reverse Curl 10-12 reps

6. Supine Bridge w/ Arm Extension 10-12 reps

I will continue with my yoga, cardio and strength training.

This is MY Mission...Do YOU accept it???

"Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."

~Dale E. Turner~

Please note that I am not a physician, dietitian or a fitness trainer. You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for these!! I did my first routine a lil while ago and can really feel it working my abs !! After having 2 kids myself and a thyroid problem ,not to mention being in my mid thirties ,it seems so hard to get my waistline back . You inspire me to try harder . Luv yall !

Patty B. said...

thank you Kila! i look forward to the info about superfoods, too.

Lisa {eatprayrun-lisa.blogspot.com} said...

woohoo! awesome!! this looks great, Kila. so, what half are you planning on running? i'm assuming it's in SD...just dreaming that i could come out there and run it too...

Kila Bell said...

Is that Jessica D ???

Lisa was planning the Rock n Roll with some friends in June but we just bought our plane tickets to go home for my reunion and we are leaving the day before :-( so i gotta find something new!

Sunny said...


I was looking for some different exercises for my midsection and low and behold you posted this...AWESOME.